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ACHILE ZIBI - MONEY ALL-STAR is an independent company located in Bern, Switzerland.

Mr. Achille Zibi is independent from any alliance or cooperation agreement with third parties.

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What We Do:

The Achille Zibi Business Model works 100%
Profit/Return = {(Application Fee • X) ÷ Bonus Rate} − Application Fee
© - Achille Zibi - This formula represents The Achille Zibi Business Model 1.2. All Rights Reserved.

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I wanted to make a little experiment and play this little game: Me vs The Industry Of Keeping Me Poor.
I don't like them .. because their business mission is to keep people poor.

So let me take you back the year 2005. I am a young Swiss black man living in Switzerland. I am music artist and I just released my first album from my own independent record label. My album is pretty good .. say the reviews. My daughter was born last year. Along with my record label I'm also running a little hip hop store in my town, importing street wear from New York City. Now fast forward to 2009. Michael Jackson is dead. Damn .. that means I am the new number one in the music industry. I will need some serious money to handle my marketing campaign. So .. obviously .. in September 2009 I start my Bachelor in Informatics.

The slogan is simple:
"what do you believe in .. failure or success ?
Open your account .. if you are Pro Success!" - Achille Zibi -

Everybody's got a dream. My was about music.

I kindly invite you to find your own reason .. to think about a dream of yours .. and play this game with me (please just .. don't play this game betting against me .. you know ?). You can play with Money All-Star .. and donate the money you earn to a no-profit organisation if you want to. You know what I mean ?
I don't think I will give my money to charity. But you can always do that .. of course.

Like I said: Me vs The Industry Of Keeping Me Poor.

This is how it works:
You pay 15.- CHF to open your personal account. Each time someone opens a new account Only For You, you earn 10.- CHF.

Achille Zibi - Founder & Chairman

"('Fuck all you hoes!' Get a grip, motherfucker!) Yeah, this album is dedicated To all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothin' To all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustlin' in front of Called the police on me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughter (it's all good) And all the niggas in the struggle You know what I'm sayin'? It's all good, baby baby" - The Notorious B.I.G. - (Intro - Juicy)

Ok .. for those of you who don't know much about me .. I have to say that I am a Genius. Genius in the sense that .. my ability to learn new things .. is significantly above the average.
I know that sounds really bad .. and I am sorry for that. But I was like .. should I be straight .. or more diplomatic and get around ? I decided to be straight this time.
I decided to be straight because I honestly feel that I am in danger .. so .. if something should happen to me tonight .. you know ? .. Somebody will maybe find what I was up to.
In my case .. I will say .. the Swiss government found out about .. my genius thing .. when I was very young.

Everything you say might be used against you one day .. you know ? .. So you must be careful.
The Achille Zibi Business Model .. (this super idea that I came up with) is a very simple idea. And that's the point .. that idea came to me like .. nothing .. like a dream or something like that. Just an intuition .. something that I didn't had to think about.

Now .. to have a great idea is one thing. To create something is another thing. The reality of me founding this and all the companies which I've founded starting from The Achille Zibi Business Model .. is the result of my studies in .. Communication .. Business Administration .. Informatics and Music. Like .. 25 years of my life. Like .. you can't take that away from me.

And here comes the little sad part of being a so called .. Genius. John Lennon said .. Genius is Pain. And that's so deep. You see ? .. You can come out with a great idea .. and some people will try to prove that .. 2 + 2 = 4 .. is not correct. You know what I mean ? They will try to say that .. there is something wrong in saying that .. 2 + 2 = 4. And they will block you for ten years or more .. just because .. they are really trying to demonstrate that .. 2 + 2 = 4 .. is not correct.

If you ask me .. I will tell you that I am a capitalist. In the sense that .. I believe that .. if you work really hard .. you deserve to earn good. And if you feel better being a millionaire and you work hard for that .. you deserve to have your millions. In Switzerland this can be a problem. There is a contradiction in tis issue because .. Switzerland is well know for its banks. .. But .. in Switzerland it's like .. people don't really want to see me rich. Like .. they come screaming at your door asking you money like everyday .. but they don't like to see you making money. So I have to warn you .. there is a serious business around keeping people in dept. The industry of keeping you poor. You see ? .. Yes we can make it! .. Yes we can help you. And there things. What's wrong with .. Make America Great Again ? Nothing in my opinion. But there is the industry of keeping you poor. And when I feel that my own government has an interest in keeping me down .. like .. they come steal food from my plate .. like. By the way. There is this classic Swiss quote "When a tree is too tall .. we cut it down." .. When you are big and you hear that .. it's not nice.
.. And that's the source of my fear right now; the more I work .. the more they try to take me down.
But it's more like a worry .. not really a fear (if you kill me you suck and I am dead .. so it's not like I'm really afraid) .. it's more like I'm worried .. like .. why would you do that ? .. Mobbing honest people that way ..
So I am a Swiss citizen .. living and working in Switzerland .. and in Switzerland .. people don't really want to see me rich. That means that .. they don't want me to eat .. when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughter.

I don't really feel it when people be like .. I do this to help other people .. or .. you know ? .. Stuff like that.
I did found this company because I believe in The Achille Zibi Business Model .. it's mathematically perfect .. so to me .. it would be a nonsense to not do this. You can think of .. Achille Zibi - Money All-Star .. like .. it's my gift to my baby or something. If something should happen to me tonight .. she will be financially fine even if my music doesn't sell well. You know what I mean ? Being the music Artist that I am .. it was my duty to take care of this kind of things.

The thing I'm missing the most from my past .. normal life .. is that feeling. The feeling of being loved for who I'am and not for my numbers or for what I've got. With success comes a lot of sadness. For many different reasons. .. Like when they say that 2 + 2 = 4 is not correct. For instance.

And I'm not autistic. You know ? .. They might try to say that you are autistic or whatever even if you are not .. I am not autistic. - Achille Zibi - Money All-Star - Pro Success.

Achille Zibi is the Sole Owner of Money All-Star (Achille Zibi owns the 100% of Money All-Star).

Founded in 2019 by Achille Zibi.

By Achille Zibi
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